COVID-19 Symptoms and Sending Children to School

We have recently have had a large number of parents contacting us for advice on sending children to school if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Unfortunately we are not able to help you resolve this issue. We have no further guidance beyond that that is available on the Government website ( Our advice is to follow the guidelines on this website in conjunction with protocols put in place by your child’s school. If, however, your child is significantly unwell and needs to see a doctor then please contact the surgery via the website stating that this is the case and a doctor will call you back.

We also understand that there is great difficulty getting a test at the moment. This is very frustrating but we do not have access to testing beyond that of the general public.

We are under a great deal of strain at the moment and being contacted by parents of children with mild viral illnesses (that in previous years we would not have known about) is pushing our service to breaking point. Consequently we would be very grateful if you would look further to the government resources to answer your questions.