Waiting room closure

A few patients have recently expressed concerns that our waiting room remains closed, a situation which we have been constantly monitoring. In order to ensure that social distancing can be maintained, for the safety of our patients and staff, we will not be fully opening the waiting room for the foreseeable future. If attending for an appointment please wherever possible wait in your car once you have checked in and, at your appointment time, wait outside the Fire Exit door at the left-hand end of the building.

Patients with mobility issues who need to use the ramp may be allowed to wait in the waiting room, but:

  • Must explain this to our receptionists when checking in via the intercom
  • Will only be allowed to enter if given permission by a member of our team
  • Must wear a face covering if over 11 years old
  • Must use the hand sanitiser on entry
  • May only sit on the few seats provided, which must not be moved
  • Will be collected from the waiting room by their clinician

We are confident our patients appreciate the challenging situation we all continue to experience, and will understand our approach. These measures have been put in place by the Practice doctors and management; please do not take issue with our staff.

Thanks for your co-operation.