You Said, We Did – Telephone Message

You said the phones are difficult to get through on, often having to wait a long time and sometimes getting cut off. We responded as of 19/01/23 a new telephone system has been installed.

As of 19/01/23 a new telephone system has been installed – ‘cloud’ based and more efficient with a call back service which holds your place in the queue. Whilst this won’t make a difference to the amount of calls we receive we hope it will make a difference to the patient experience while you try to contact us by phone. Please bear in mind that first thing in the morning is the busiest time for phone calls so if your call is not urgent you may like to try later on in the day. When you phone the practice your call is answered by our reception team; it will be ‘triaged’ to determine the urgency and the most appropriate appointment will be offered or you will be directed to a secretary if your enquiry is about a result or referral.

Please remember that we are unable to take prescription requests over the phone but instead ask that you submit your request in writing, via email (, via the website, through your Pharmacy or via the NHS app and allow 48 hours for it to be turned around.