Aims and Objectives Summary

Structure, Governance and Management

Church Street Practice is governed by our personal medical services contract with NHS England and NHS legislation and regulations as applicable to primary care.  

We provide NHS services as an independent business within a partnership and our partners listed in order of seniority are as follows – Dr Lindy Fozard, Dr Alicia Langton, Mrs Veronica Millis (Management), Dr Rebecca Brown, Dr Sarah Styles & Dr Graeme Wilding.  

We employ additional doctors, nurses and administrative staff.  We occupy an NHS owned building under license and our current landlords are NHS Property Services. 

Clinical governance can be defined as a quality assurance process designed to ensure that standards of care are maintained and improved and that the NHS or those providing such services, are accountable to the public.  The implementation of the practice of clinical governance is designed to improve the service to patients and ensure their safety and well-being. It applies to all members of the clinical team supported by administration staff, reception staff and attached staff.

Aims and Objectives

Our philosophy is to provide high quality care to all our patients.  We value the traditions of whole family medicine which has always been fundamental in our long established practice.  As a team, we aim to give each patient the time they need within a supportive and caring environment.  We recognise that the patient is at the centre of everything we do and deserves dignity, honesty and respect at all times.

2015/16 Objectives

The following are headings for the areas we plan to cover:

  • Refer to “Key Priorities for 2015/16 agreed with our Patient Representation Group
  • Management of Information technology 
  • Patient Access
  • Promote patient communication and engagement to include marketing of our services
  • To maintain FFT at 85% likely or highly likely to recommend 
  • Premises (to include Infection Control)
  • Continued working within CQC (and H&S) regulations
  • Aim for improved quality outcomes for patients whilst maximising income into the Practice
  • Maintain a minimum training status
  • Continued engagement with local practices and NWS CCG.