Flu vaccination programme 2022 – adults. Updated 25.7.22


The UKSHA (UK Health Security Agency) & NHS England are concerned that there is likely to be a resurgence in flu cases this winter 2022-2023, to levels similar to or higher than before the pandemic. The potential for co-circulation of flu, COVID and other respiratory viruses could add substantially to pressure in the NHS this winter so if you are offered a Flu vaccine, please consider accepting the vaccine.

·        Flu clinics will be held at the Surgery this year on Saturday 24th September & Saturday 15th October and other times during the week.

·        DO NOT attend the clinic if you are unwell. If you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19 or are a contact of confirmed/suspected COVID-19 cases, please do not attend until after the required isolation period.                                                                                                                                                        Contact the surgery to cancel your appointment and re-book. 


·        You will be informed when we are holding clinics for those in eligible groups, we will be prioritising eligible age and clinical risk groups in line with national guidance.

·        It is important that you attend at your allocated appointment date and time only: you will not be seen outside the appointed time as the clinics will be busy.                                                                                 

·        We have a huge number of patients to see, and it is important that we keep to the times booked to minimize patients mingling and allow for a degree of social distancing to protect our vulnerable patients.

·        Please wear short sleeved tops to allow for easy access to your arm. If you are able, you will be asked to stand whilst the vaccination is being given.

·        On arrival at the Flu Clinic please follow the signpost to the waiting area where you will be checked in and then directed to a clinician for your vaccination.

·        There are different Flu vaccines advised for the over 65 years and under 65 years as scientific research has shown these to be the most effective for those groups.

·        If you are pregnant or become pregnant during the Flu season, please contact us to make an appointment.

·        Childrens clinics will be held separately, and invitations will be sent to those eligible.                                               Please do not book children under 18 years into the adult Saturday clinics.

Some cohorts that were newly eligible in the 2021 to 2022 season are now eligible for the 2022 to 2023 season. PLEASE NOTE that this information has only just been released to us and vaccine was not ordered for the 50–64 year age group when we placed our orders last winter. The over 65  year groups and Clinical risk groups for those aged 18-64 will be invited in first for the vaccine we have ordered in for them. 50–64 year groups without any underlying condition will be invited in later to ensure clinical prioritisation of those most at risk, if we have procured sufficient vaccines.  

For further information please see –                                                                                                                                    or www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/flu-influenza-vaccine/   or https://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/inactivated-flu-vaccine