Travel Clinic Services

  • With the outbreak of COVID-19, all travel clinic services were suspended.
  • We are slowly implementing these where travel is essential.
  • For those who were in the process of a travel vaccine course, we are aiming to complete these in the next few months with the precautions we have in place for the safety of patients.
  • Every dose counts and each dose is important. Your immune system will have been primed after the first dose, but further doses are necessary for an effective immune response for long lasting immunity and immune memory.
  • The immune response is not impaired where doses are given at longer than the recommended intervals.
  • Some vaccines given outside the recommended schedules may be considered ‘off-label’ but are clearly justified by best clinical practice. This is still an appropriate use and will protect against the diseases they are designed for.
  • For further information regarding travel health and advice, please contact the Travel Clinic Nurse – Sue Barnes R.G.N.

Up to date information can be found on the following websites: